Game Incubator 

The Game Incubator is an environment for graduates wanting to start their own company. The start-ups are graduates from either Viden Djurs Game College, Viden Djurs 3D College, or Dania University of Applied Science – or graduates from both institutions. Outsiders to both institutions can obtain admission on approval by the mentors of the incubator.

The incubator has helped more than 15 companies and more than 50 graduates get started since 2011.

As a part of our program the companies gain acces to wide range of different ressources, such as office space, lawyers, international business partners, business projects, etc.

Our incubator offers the companies a AP Degree programme in Innovation, Product, and Production, focusing on teaching Innovation, Marketing, Leadership, and Business Development as a part of the incubator program.

Want to join our Incubator? Please contact Director of Incubation, Mikkel Fledelius Jensen