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Games Week: Game Dev Date Night

Looking for additional resources to move on with your production?
Game Dev Date Night is for people who build digital experiences, who’re on the look for an artist, coder, SFX or the like.

Sweden Game Conference 2017

Game Scope

A Festival with the Audience as a center of attention.

Game Hub Universe: Horror and nightmare

Nordic Game Conference

The Nordic Game conference is held annually in Malmö, Sweden.

Games Week Denmark

Games Week Denmark sets the spotlight on Danish Games, development and business. 

Game Developers Conference

The European Showcase at GDC is an event where European developers can meet press, publishers and strategic partners. 


 Ideas' Lab - a new incubation environment for people who build digital experiences at Filmby Aarhus

Website Launch

We're launching the GHD website

VR Day: Ways into VR

Grand opening of the new VR First Lab and auditorium at Dania Games

Sweden Game Conference