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Support the Game industry in grenaa

GameBusiness is a small local association that supports the aspiring game developers in the Game Hub Denmark ecosystem. The GameBusiness board consists of people connected to the ecosystem surrounding Game Hub Denmark, politicians, local entrepreneurs and experts from the game industry. The common denominator of the board is that everyone involved believes in the potential of establishing Grenaa as the game capital of Denmark.
GameBusiness are able to support the game companies in the ecosystem, through their works Through their ongoing sponsor-acquisition. Through the massive support of the local community, GameBusiness is able to provide grants to several game companies each year, making it possible for them to go to international game conferences.

GameBusiness would like to thank each of the sponsors for supporting the environment, the entrepreneurs and the game companies. Thank you!

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Want to BE A SPonsor?

If you want to be a part of the sponsorship program, or know more about GameBusiness, please contact: 

Kristian Wulff
Phone: (+45) 60101691